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The royal bonuses at the best casino

Among the most beneficial for a player bonuses include the no Deposit options. They are difficult to play, and the size of these bonuses are rarely the same large size, but they do not require the player attachments.

Also worth a look at the bonuses for deposits defined methods. Conditions the wager is usually much easier.

In addition, do not forget about the loyalty program at which players earn points for their subsequent exchange for money.

Regular customers of many casinos from time to time, receive incentive bonuses from the administration, which is also easy to play. In fairness, I must say that these bonuses are usually those who often loses.

So whether or not to take bonuses?

Given the fact that the casino cannot withdraw funds until you have cleared a bonus many customers prefer to opt out of receiving them. How do you determine whether they should take? The most pragmatic players suggest to calculate the profitability of each individual bonus according to the following principle.

For example, take a 100% bonus on a Deposit of $100. For example, under the terms of the wager to its wagering need twenty times to put the total amount of the bonus and the Deposit. That is, to make bets for $4000 (the amount of the Deposit and the bonus will be $200, multiplied by 20 times). Suppose the most profitable game in which bets in full size go to the wagering is any slot machine with a house edge of 4%.

This means that each set $1000 you should theoretically lose $40. While you make bets to $4000, you can lose $160. And the smaller the size of the maximum bet, the more chances that it will happen. And the size of the bonus is only $100. As you can see, the best such bonus not to call.

Of course, this is only a theory, and in practice you can quite successfully win back the bonus, but be aware that it is not your privilege. Casino gets with a benefit as it does with their games.

So a bonus program that offers you a casino, you need to carefully study from all sides. Specify, not apply to you any restrictions, find out what amount need to be wagered in any game it can be done if there are other traps, and only after that apply for the bonus.

What games to choose?

Now, lets talk about casino games. Their choice depends on what purpose you have come to the casino. If you want to spend your time, choose any that is closest to you liking. Here are tips unnecessary.

Our recommendations are addressed to those who want to maximise their chances of winning. We cant say thatknow any secrets or techniques regularly to win money. Moreover, we are inclined to think that such honest ways does not exist. However, there are games in which the probability to win the highest, so you need to choose them.

Such games include varieties of video poker and blackjack. But do not forget that they require not only a certain share of luck, but also a serious knowledge and skills. There are basic strategies by which you can reduce the house edge to tenths of a percent, which equalizes the chances of the player and the casino. To read these strategies can be in the appropriate section of the portal

It is also very beneficial for the player bet is craps. To learn how to play this game is easier than blackjack, so pay attention to it.

Want to know how to beat the casino at roulette, it may be advisable to find a French version of this game where the house edge on the game by chances is twice lower than in the European variety. And American roulette never play not worth it.

In reputable casino are published monthly data on interest payments on the categories of games (or even individual games), which are defined by independent auditing firms. For example, in 888 casino the payout percentages the following: baccarat – 97,74%, blackjack – 97,89% and so forth (the information of eCOGRA for January 2011).

Betting system

Without going into details of the various betting systems (martingale, Parlay, Biarritz and others) say that none of them is able to change the percentage of the house edge and really help to win money. Some of them may seem effective for a large range of bets in certain games, but for a long stretch of the game they all inevitably fail.

In most of them there is nothing wrong. Pedantic casino they can help to streamline the process of the game, but dont expect miracles. To the questions "how to win at roulette?" or "how to beat the casino?" the answer will not give.

Just do not confuse betting systems with optimal (or basic) strategies of the game. These are completely different things.


So is it possible to regularly win money in online casinos? Constantly you do not succeed, of course, if your name is not Fandorin, and you are the hero of the novels of Boris Akunin. However, selecting the best for yourself by playing competently in the best of the game and using only the best bonus offers casinos, you will be able to relatively consistently to achieve positive results.

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